Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center Fisiolab Paradiso
Your point of reference for physiotherapy and orthopedic, sports and post-operative rehabilitation in Lugano

Welcome to Fisiolab Paradiso, a state-of-the-art physical therapy center in the field of rehabilitation and wellness. Our mission is to offer high-quality treatments, ensuring a personalized course for each patient thanks to the latest technologies available in rehabilitation medicine. Our team is composed of highly specialized physical therapists in various fields, ready to respond to the specific needs of each individual. Each professional has in-depth knowledge in his or her area of expertise, thus ensuring a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation.

We have a rehabilitation pool, equipped with specific equipment designed to offer a full range of hydrotherapeutic exercises. Water, due to its physical properties, provides an ideal environment for rehabilitation, allowing patients to exercise with less impact and resistance, accelerating the healing process. We invite you to discover our proposal in person, confident that our center is the ideal reference for your rehabilitation.

Our practice: a friendly and professional environment for rehabilitation and physical therapy

Fisiolab Paradiso was founded with the idea of proposing a different kind of physiotherapy from what has traditionally been offered by making use of a 280-square-meter facility in the heart of the town of Paradiso completely equipped with the most modern technologies in the rehabilitation field. Treatments will be offered for all types of needs in the physiotherapy field while always maintaining the holistic approach that characterizes Fisiolab.
Our five treatment rooms are designed to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness during each session. Here, every detail is designed to promote the achievement of your therapeutic goals. State-of-the-art technology is combined with the wisdom of our expert hands, making each treatment an unforgettable experience.

Our gym: where rehabilitation meets training

Welcome to our gymnasium rehabilitation, where every program is tailored, developed by a team of specialists using state-of-the-art techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Our specialization is key: we treat a wide range of rehabilitation needs, from post-surgery to sports injuries. The environment is designed to be welcoming and relaxing, easing each individual's path to recovery. By choosing our gym, you are choosing a partner dedicated to your well-being and physical rebirth. 

Palazzo Mantegazza swimming pool: the unique experience of physical therapy in water

The Palazzo Mantegazza, an architectural jewel, houses a pool of rare beauty inside. This corner of water, set in a luxurious context, offers a unique experience of relaxation and relaxation. Designed with attention to detail, the pool reflects the elegance and style that characterizes the entire building. The crystal clear water, refined furnishings and serene atmosphere create the perfect oasis to disconnect from the daily routine. The swimming pool at Palazzo Mantegazza is not just a place to swim and do rehabilitation, but a real invitation to experience moments of pure well-being in an exclusive setting.