Physiotherapist Fisiolab Paradiso

Fisiolab Paradiso: physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments in Lugano and Canton Ticino

Our routes by physiotherapy e rehabilitation tailor-made are designed to help you retrieve at better after injuries o interventions surgical. Taking advantage of the latest methodologies and equipment, we create routes by care targeted To improve your mobility and well-being. Rely on an experienced team to overcome physical challenges and achieve your health goals.

Physiotherapy treatments

I treatments physiotherapy aim to restore, maintain , and improve mobility , function , and physical well-being. Through manual therapies, specific exercises, electrotherapy, and specialized techniques, physiotherapy helps prevent and recover from injuries, chronic conditions, and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the Lugano area

Echoguided physiotherapy

Our range of services includes the revolutionary Physiotherapy Echoguided, a cutting-edge approach to rehabilitation. By harnessing the power of ultrasound, we are able to perform an in-depth analysis of patients ' physical conditions, pinpointing injuries and problems with extreme precision. This knowledge allows us to develop highly personalized therapies, ensuring optimal results in the recovery process.

Ultrasound-guided physiotherapy in the Lugano area

Physiotherapy in the gym

La physiotherapy in the gymnasium is crucial for preventing injuries, correcting muscle imbalances, and improving biomechanics of movement. It guides individuals in personalized exercises, ensuring a safe, effective workout optimized for each individual's needs.

Gym for physiotherapy and rehabilitation from Fisiolab Paradiso, in Lugano area

Physiotherapy in water

La physiotherapy in water, or hydrotherapy, uses the flotation and resistance of water to facilitate rehabilitation. It reduces stress on joints, allows for greater range of motion, and provides a safe environment to strengthen and improve mobility, especially in patients with limitations.

Physiotherapy in the water at the Palazzo Mantegazza swimming pool